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We’re planning to do a HUGE revamp of the site to make it the BEST Hilary Duff fansite around…

To do so we need some more help cause we’ve been inactive for a really really long time.

If you have basic knowledge: html, wordpress, coppermine or photoshop please e-mail us at

with your name, your age, your country, your knowledge and how can you help us (if you wanna help with the graphics please include some samples of your work)

I promise I’ll do my best to make it work!]]>

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Ok I just added some recent Candids, hope you like them

Out with Mike in Downtown Ottawa – March 8th

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Hey everyone, I’m Fram and I’m the new webmaster of the site.
I used to work here some time ago and I was sad when I saw the site abandoned so here I am ready to start updating.
Well I’m gonna switch to wordpress and it’s gonna take some time. But I’ll start updating Hilary Pics with the latest pics coming out and maybe some Hilary news too before the wordpress part is finished.

So stay tunned because the site is getting active again!]]>

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earch with Hilary Duff ( is a Google powered
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The With Love contest has ended and winners have been picked. Thanks for everyone who entered, there were lots of great entries. Hopefully we will have more contests in the next year. Congrats to the following people:

April (United States)
Varun (Chile)
Belinda (Australia)
Peter (United States)
Kylie (Canada)]]>

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Hilary Duff made a suprise phone call to Miley Cyrus on MOD this past Friday. Miley is a huge fan of hers. Leah is also a good friend of Hilary’s.

Keep Entering the Contest. CHECK OUT DETAILS BELOW. Contests closes Dec 27th. ]]>

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With 0 Comments Presents the Hilary Duff Fragrance Contests Giveaway.

[EDIT] Apparentely the email wasn’t working for some people, so the new email is:

Send you entries in again to the above email, if you already haven’t.

Just in time for the Holidays we are giving 5 lucky fans a chance to win Hilary’s Duff’s fragrance (3.3oz) valued at $55. The contest is open internationally. To win, its simple, copy and paste the entry form below and send it to:

Contests runs from Dec 1 and closes on Dec 27 at 12:00am. Winners will be notified and posted here on the 28th or 29th.

1) One entry per address & person. You will be deleted if you enter more then once.
2) Must be able to submit your full name & address to Must submit a working email. Winners will be contacted by email.
3) Must answer the question. Winners are also choosen based on their creativity & originality.

Copy and poste this and send it to
Full Name:
Address: (Prize will be shipped to this address)
Question (100 words max)
1) If I had my own fragrance, I would name it __________________
because ________________________________________

December 27, 2007. We are currently going through the entries and deciding the winners. The winners will be announced over the next two days or so.]]>

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Sorry for the lack of updates. Pictures of Hilary on set and some others will be added to the gallery at a later time next week. My updates will still be slow because I’m very busy.

Los Premios MTV Latin America 2007 – Red Carpet Arrivals. October 18 2007]]>

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Hilary Duff turns 20 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Everyone at wishes her a great birthday, filled with happiness and fun! Thanks for everything you you did so far in the year and continue your great sucess.
Much love!

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Going to Neil Georges hairdresser – Sept 21

FULL SET[6] – At the local drugstore – Sept 20

Credit: Hilary Pics]]>